A downloadable sketchbook collection

A collection of most of the garfs i drew during the semester. we light a candle for those brave garfs left behind who now roam the university hallways without me. thoughts + prayers etc. etc.

the garfs included are those drawn in class or, in a few cases, while taking a break from doing uni work outside of class. they're drawn using my pdf viewer, word, mspaint, krita, powerpoint, in my sketchbook or on napkins. there's also one that i drew on this meditation pamphlet i found that wanted you to mail them your social security number. some of them have been posted to my twitter, most of them haven't.

this collection also reveals what i should've been doing the entire time, i.e. linguistics, so if you always wanted a really fragmented and incomplete look into that aspect of my life, well here it is.

it's more or less chronological but otherwise just thrown together chaotically because i feel like that's what garf would've done

Garfield belongs to Jim Davis. please don't sue me jim, i earn nothing from this i just think your cat is great

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